design philosophy –

“Not just good looking pictures”.

We truly believe that good design is good looking; however great spaces happen when there is meaningful interaction between man and nature. the dialogue however momentary has a big role in developing the emotional connect and thereby introducing peace. A simple act of driving through an paved road with correct paving pattern will create a lasting experience. Mundane acts like a walk in the lawns, relaxes the mind. And if the lawns are appointed with enchanting flowers, it will add to the connect.  While the main role in our landscapes is played by man, birds and pets also have a distinct space. A serious thought is given to the native habitat species, while planting selection. The humming bird prefers to seek nectar in the morning when

Human life is mired with complications, it is the lap of nature where one finds the best of solutions. Man has had a relationship with nature from millions of years. Cities have changed the way people work and live to an extent where the contact with nature almost is only visual. Our gardens give a chance to the city dweller to reconnect.

We also work with rural areas where the farmers need for complimentary lively hood is augmented with systematic intervention, and ecologically sustainable solutions. We have engaged with communities for incorporating Green STPs, Water shed conservation and Small scale industry development.

All plants have a gift of converting the carbon dioxide to oxygen; the negative to positive. This energy flow from creates a field of positive charge around most trees. The strategic location of larger trees with positivity creates a circle of influence which will impart healthy and peaceful co existence.

All our projects maximise the green and minimise the paved areas; this means that they have a lesser carbon footprint and are economical in construction.

A sound knowledge of services and underlying principle of less is more gives our designs a competitive edge.

We have also started Design and build services, which gives us greater control over the outcome.

It also enables us to deliver landscapes at budgeted prices.

Bhanupratap Khare 

Bhanupratap, a Civil Engineer By education is an Entrepreneur with about 20 years experience in the fields of Watershed Conservation, Industrial Construction and Industrial Landscapes. He has worked as a consultant for many NGOs and corporate organizations like Citigroup and Reliance Industries Ltd before he decided to start his own Businesses . He heads the projects team and finance of the organization.

He is  also a founder of, a solar power company.